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Monday, August 6, 2012

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Next time your bathtub gets clogged and you feel like putting an acid drain cleaner to clear the clog think again! This bathtub was re-glazed from maroon to white during a bath remodel a year ago. Well the bathtub clogged and chemical drain cleaner was used to try and clear the clog. The end result after we cleared it with a cable while holding our breath that the tub trap stayed intact(we cleared with no problems), was a peeling of the new glaze. So next time that you have a drain clog where the sink or tub has been re-glazed do not use chemical drain cleaners. Also remember that there is a trap under the tub and you do not want chemicals sitting in the trap for a long period of time. Ever get that stuff on your bare hand? Starts to burn right? Well it's doing the same to your pipes the longer it sits in there. To save yourself a headache from the fumes and expense of re-glazing or causing damage to the room located below the bathroom call a sewer and drain cleaning professional first. It will actually save you money in the long run. Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island & Queens, New York.