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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera inspection viewing broken line

Many people ask us why would we give a free sewer camera inspection when we clean a sewer when we could charge a lot of money on top of the sewer cleaning to inspect the line. Well basically the main reason that we do this is to ensure that the sewer line was cleaned to the best of our ability. Many people think that it's a sort of bait and switch which couldn't be further from the truth. Granted, we have had more work because of the sewer camera inspection but our main goal here is to inform the customer of any problems that we do notice and let them see for themselves. It's just educating the customer. There has been many times that we have seen lines that could use a good jetting but we have not due to the pipe material used and know that we would make the condition of the sewer worse. If we have to make 2,3,4 passes with the sewer cable to clear the line of as many roots as possible then that is what we do. A sewer camera inspection also protects our company. If someone has a major sewer problem then we will give a reasonable amount of guarantee to give the customer time to get estimates on repairing the problem. We are not going to marry the job and give a customer a year long guarantee with a major sewer problem. We e-mail photos to customers all the time of problems in their sewer line. That helps the plumbing contractor see the problem at hand. We will also locate the problem area and mark it. We do charge a small fee for sewer locating service. We do not pressure sell. Our customers see the sewer condition on the monitor and then it's THEIR choice on whether to(1) fix the problem by digging it up,(2) have us Sewer Jet the line clean if we feel confident that it will help the situation, or(3) stay on a sewer maintenance program with cabling. Some companies will tell you that you need a jet and will not follow up with the camera after the jetting is done. Just because the sewer jet CLEARED the sewer drain does not mean that the sewer line was CLEANED. We've seen this time and time again. Another favorite line used by companies is that the line is leaking into the soil and needs to be dug up immediately. While this is true(the leaking out part) there are thousands and thousands of sewers in New York that leak out minimal due to poor sealing of the pipe way back when the sewer was installed. Some leaks are minimal and some are major. If you see a depression on your lawn that just won't go away no matter how many bags of soil you keep filling it with then there's a good chance that it's leaking out pretty good. Here at American Sewer & Drain Cleaning there is absolutely no incentive for us to tell you that you need a dig up as we are not in the business of digging up lines. We just clean them! Happy Holidays!