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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service | Farmingdale | Nassau County | NY

This video is from a customers' sewer who does a yearly maintenance with us. It's not a perfect sewer. This sewer has roots intruding at some joints and a small dip. He's well aware of the condition and knows that he may have to replace it someday but he hasn't had a sewer backup since we've been cleaning it for the last 3 years. We guarantee his sewer for a year every time and he continues to pay the same price every year. Using a sewer camera benefits the customer in a way that let's them know that they need to do preventive maintenance or have a repair done. 90% of the time a yearly sewer cleaning is recommended. It also ensures that the sewer was cleaned correctly. The pic below is a customer's house who's sewer was cleaned by a $50 dollar sewer company's tech that had to come back again after it backed up after a week. This sewer line backed up a 2nd time and the customer was done with them. The line was down to a slow drain so by the time we arrived we were able to put in the sewer camera before doing anything. Usually the objective of these sewer companies is to cable the sewer line once with a 2 inch blade and get the water flowing. Little does the customer know that this large mass of roots is still in the sewer line because a sewer camera was not used and will probably backup within a month or 2. After the sewer backs up again then a camera will be recommended or water jet which will usually start at $250 for the sewer camera and minimum $500- $1200 for a sewer water jet cleaning. We do water jetting as well which we charge $500 for 2 hours but only as a LAST resort or if requested by the customer. We are NOT a commission based company so we do not sell the customer something that is not needed. We know you work hard for your money as do we. We do not rush through jobs. We made this post because of our customer & others not knowing why one sewer company charges $50 and the others are higher(He does now). This is one of those reasons. It's true in life that you get what you pay for!


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