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Monday, August 6, 2018

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service | Sewer Camera Video Inspection | Nassau County | Suffolk County | Long Island | NY

Sewer Cleaning job on Long Island. Customer wanted a 2nd opinion on his sewer. Sewer line was cleaned a week prior due to a back up. Other sewer company pulled out roots and recommended digging the sewer line up so we were there to scope and locate problem. Showed customer the roots growing in the sewer and located the spot in the middle of his driveway 8 feet down. We asked him if he wanted us to clean the sewer while we were already there. He said yes and we showed him the sewer line on the sewer camera after we cleaned it with a sewer cable and proper blade. We told him that this sewer line could be maintained by having us snake it every year or 2 versus digging up his driveway which would cost thousands. He chose to maintain. #sewercleaningservicenassaucounty #sewercleaningservicesuffolkcounty
                                                           Before Cleaning Sewer

After Cleaning Sewer


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