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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Clogged Drain Service | Clogged Sewer Service | Nassau County | Suffolk County | Long Island | New York

We went out to a job today which we thought would be a simple sewer cleaning call. As it turned out this sewer was in poor condition with multiple separations and cracks. The homeowner only noticed a backup today when doing laundry. By the looks of this sewer line as viewed on the sewer camera and the amount of toilet paper that was clogging this sewer, more than likely there has been a clog for at least a month or longer and water was slowly draining out making it undetectable until enough paper and waste had completely clogged the sewer. We were able to clear out the sewer but a 40 foot sewer replacement was going to be needed. Customer was informed and viewed the camera as we showed all of the different sections of this sewer causing problems. Because our prices are very affordable, this customer had us locate and mark out the sewer so they could get estimates on a replacement. By having us do the mark out of the sewer line this customer has already saved money and will be able to have any plumbing contractor come and give an estimate without having to pay an additional charge for more camera work and locating. Here are some pics from this job today.          



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