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Monday, September 1, 2014

Sewer and Drain Cleaning | Nassau County | Suffolk County | Long Island

These pictures are from a job where the sewer line has a low spot generally referred to in sewer cleaning terms as a belly in the sewer line. These low spots will start to build up with "soap grease" from bathing, doing laundry and washing dishes. It will build up just like a clogged artery until the diameter of the sewer line will be too small for any waste to pass through, resulting in a clogged sewer line. This cannot be fixed by lining the pipe as some of my current customers were told and were basically taken for $7,000. The only solution for this would be to dig up the line and repair the section or periodic cleaning of the sewer if digging it up financially is not possible at this time. Top picture is the low spot. Bottom picture is after we cleaned the sewer successfully.